Tree roots can cost you money

Your trees’ roots may be competing for space with undergrown septic systems, pavement and even the foundation of your house - and the roots, given enough time, will ultimately win.

Most active tree roots are in the top three feet of soil, and they grow outward to about three times the branch width.

For some trees that grow large in Northeast Florida, such as live oaks, that means the root system could be permeating much of your yard.

As the roots grow out they will push against, and through whatever is in their way. The roots are strong and can push their way through steel and concrete.

Some of the damage they can cause include breaking through the lines in a septic system, which can cause leaks and clogging. They  can also cause your pavement to crack and break up, and, if they are too close to your house, they can also create cracks in your home’s foundation. That can eventually cause that portion of the foundation to be uneven.

In addition to those problems, although the roots tend to avoid each other when they are young, as they grow they may also be forced together, which can transfer diseases from one tree to another. 

In some cases you can grind the roots, but you take a chance of killing the tree. If the root system has caused too much damage, you should have the tree removed.

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