Keeping your trees trimmed keeps them healthy

Proper tree maintenance is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is keeping your trees attractive and healthy.

It’s important to have them trimmed once a year or every other year to control their size, keep them away from power lines and from your home.

Keeping trees trimmed also keeps them healthy by removing dead or dying branches, weak branches or diseased branches. For most trees, their natural form is best to keep them healthy, trying to trim trees into different shapes can cause them to weaken and prematurely die.

Trimming larger trees by yourself can be dangerous because it requires you to climb trees and use power tools.

In addition, once you get into a tree you may find that you are not alone, trees are home to raccoons and other critters.

If you have a tree that you think could use a trim give us a call for a free estimate at 904-928-3568.

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