How to care for azalea bushes

Azalea bushes provide a vibrant display of colors in the late winter and early spring in Northeast Florida, but, if not pruned at the appropriate time, they can also become large and unmanageable bushes during the rest of the year.

The best time to trim azaleas is after all the blooms have faded, but before the buds emerge around July. If you prune an azalea after the new buds begin to grow you endanger next year’s bloom.

Don’t try to force a certain shape in an azalea bush. Instead, cut individual branches as far back as one third their original length.

You can also plant new azalea bushes in the spring. They do best in cool, lightly shaded areas. Too much sun can burn the leaves while heavy shade can deprive them of oxygen, resulting in poor blooming and weaker growth.

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