Getting ready for hurricane season

It’s almost that time of the year again when Floridians begin stocking up on batteries and drinking water in preparation for the hurricane season that runs from June through November.

But, it’s just as important to get your trees ready for the gale force winds and driving rains that we could experience during not only a hurricane, but a tropical storm, tropical depression or even an extremely strong spring or summer storm.

*Dead or dying trees or tree limbs should be removed.

*In addition, tree limbs that hang over, or within 10 feet of your roof or windows should also be removed.

*Limbs hanging over power lines could be particularly dangerous as they could not only knock out the power to your home, but they could also snap, causing an electric shock or fire hazard.

*Thinning healthy foliage will allow wind to flow through trees more easily, decreasing the change of uprooting a tree.

Don’t wait until a storm is on track to address tree issues, left over yard debris could become a missile during a severe storm.

Call Above and Beyond Tree Service Owner Kevin Brislin at 904-928-3568 to conduct a free inspection and provide you with a free estimate to get ready for the storm season.

Above and Beyond is also experienced in hurricane disaster area clean up and offers 24-hour emergency services.

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