Free Mulch

The old adage that nothing in life is free isn’t always true.

We offer free natural mulch.

We use a chipper to reduce tree limb debris. That creates natural mulch. Natural mulch is different from the mulch you buy at home improvement stores because it is not dyed.

Natural mulch is good for many uses, including filling flower and vegetable beds, to create a soft and better protected ground for playground areas and helps keep the dust down on unfinished driveways.

Mulch is not good for areas that collect a lot of water, however, because it breaks down and turns into mud.

Give me a call at 904-928-3568 if you’d like a free truck load of mulch and I’ll add you to the list to have it delivered when we’re in your area.

Please note, however, that a truck load is about the size of a small vehicle and the truck that delivers the mulch needs a substantial amount of room free from power lines, trees and other structures to back up and dump the mulch.

Delivering free mulch does not include spreading.


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