Why Do My Tree Limbs Fall?

Hurricanes and bad weather are not the only things that can cause your tree limbs to fall. There are many different things that can contribute to this issue. Below are a few of the main reasons for limb failures.

At Above and Beyond Tree Services, Inc. we are experienced at recognizing limb failure and we can inspect and report on all these potential problems as part of your Semi-Annual Tree Inspection.

The most common reason for tree limbs to fall are weak unions which can be caused by any of the following:

  • Age – A lot of larger trees in Jacksonville were distributed by the government and planted in the 1940′s and 50′s and are now entering their end of life stage and should be replaced.
  • Disease – There are a number of diseases that can weaken and destroy a tree and its limbs.
  • Naturally occurring imperfections – In a healthy tree the annual growth rings of the branch and the stem grow together to form a strong union all the way to the center of the tree. A weak union forms when bark gets trapped inside the tree separating the branch from the stem rings, thus preventing them from forming a strong bond.
  • Epicormic branches – When branches have been removed or injured by bad pruning, topping or environmental stress the tree will attempt to replace them. Weak unions are formed because these new branches attach themselves to the injured and decaying limbs because they cannot attach directly to the stem.
  • Wind – Dense foliage provides shade and cools the yard, but when the wind blows it traps the air and can causes the limbs and the tree to sway violently. This effect is multiplied as the wind speed increases which may cause the limbs and the entire tree to fail.