Early spring care of citrus trees

Caring for your citrus trees in the early spring will help them produce a more bountiful harvest next winter.

Start by fertilizing your trees. Make a circle around the tree about one foot from the longest branch. You don’t need to work the fertilizer into the soil, because citrus roots aren’t very deep.  Just spread it with a rake.

Prune off dead branches and remove any suckers that start growing below the graft union or are popping up from the roots.

Keep in mind that the lowest branches are the most productive.

Snails like to hang out on citrus tree branches. Make sure to pick them all off and throw them in the trash. You can place a copper cuff around the trunk of the tree to prevent future snail problems.

Early spring is also the best time to plant new citrus trees. Make sure to plant the trees  where there is plenty of sunlight and in well drained soil.

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