The effects of Tropical Storm Beryl aren’t over yet

It’s already been two weeks since Tropical Storm Beryl blew in to Jacksonville with a vengenous, but the impact from that powerful storm is still causing havoc to trees throughout Northeast Florida.

The ground under many trees has been weakened not only from the high winds and driving rains we experienced May 28, but also from the subsequent torrential downpours that are just part of our normal late spring and summer rainy season.

I’ve received numerous more calls from customers who’ve had trees and limbs fall several days, and now weeks after the storm.

Some of the obvious signs that you’ve got a problem tree on your hands include:

  • The angle of the tree has changed since all the heavy rains and winds
  • The area of the tree roots is raised on one side and the soil around the roots is soft
  • Stress cracks on the bark or on the limbs, and
  • Hanging limbs that are stuck on another limb and haven’t fallen yet – this can be particularly dangerous because it’s just a matter of time before a wind knocks that limb loose.

With all the rain that we’ve had it makes the tree limbs very heavy. As a precaution, it’s a good idea to get those horizontal limbs reaching for the light trimmed back.

If you have any questions, or would like a free estimate, give us a call at 904-928-3568 or email us at


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The effects of Tropical Storm Beryl


It’s been a very busy week for Above and Beyond Tree Service, as you can probably imagine, because of Tropical Storm Beryl.

The storm struck Jacksonville overnight May 28, three days before the official start of the hurricane season.

Our first call actually came during the storm, from homeowners in the San Marco area who came home to find a 75-foot, hollowed out oak tree on their roof and covering most of the front of their house. That job took several hours overnight, plus most of the day Monday.

Although that particular job was the largest emergency we tended to during the storm, we’ve answered several other calls regarding trees on top of roofs this week.

Some of the other types of calls we’ve answered because of the storm include a tree that fell on top of a vehicle, trees that fell over on fences and trees that fell in yards.

Luckily, no one was hurt in any of those cases.  Still, the damage during Beryl was fairly significant, and we expect to continue  helping in the clean up process for the next few weeks.

We’ve also seen an increase in calls from property owners worried about how their trees will fair during the next  big storm. They saw the damage caused by Tropical Storm Beryl on the evening news and in some cases watched their neighbors deal with the effects of storm damage, and didn’t want to risk it.

If you’ve got a concern about a tree on your property that is leaning or has branches that could cause damage, or one that could cause damage, or one that is dying or is dead, give us a call at 904-928-3568. We’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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Watch out for wood boring insects

Wood boring insects can not only kill a single tree, but spread to neighboring healthy trees too.

Wood borers are a variety of insects that burrow beneath tree bark, and sometimes deep within the wood of the tree. Wood boring infestations are usually fatal to trees, and it’s important to address the issue by removing the infested tree as soon as possible to avoid it from spreading and impacting even more trees.

The tail tale sign of a wood boring infestation is the presence of small holes throughout the tree that are oozing sap or have sawdust falling from them. Some of the more common tree species attacked by wood borers include willow, birch, ash, lilac, juniper, pine, spruce, and firs

To find out more about wood boring insects and some preventative maintenance tips check out the University of Florida’s  Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at

To get a free estimate on removing a tree that has been infested by wood borers give Above and Beyond Tree Service Owner Kevin Brislin a call at 904-928-3568, or email him at

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Getting ready for hurricane season

It’s almost that time of the year again when Floridians begin stocking up on batteries and drinking water in preparation for the hurricane season that runs from June through November.

But, it’s just as important to get your trees ready for the gale force winds and driving rains that we could experience during not only a hurricane, but a tropical storm, tropical depression or even an extremely strong spring or summer storm.

*Dead or dying trees or tree limbs should be removed.

*In addition, tree limbs that hang over, or within 10 feet of your roof or windows should also be removed.

*Limbs hanging over power lines could be particularly dangerous as they could not only knock out the power to your home, but they could also snap, causing an electric shock or fire hazard.

*Thinning healthy foliage will allow wind to flow through trees more easily, decreasing the change of uprooting a tree.

Don’t wait until a storm is on track to address tree issues, left over yard debris could become a missile during a severe storm.

Call Above and Beyond Tree Service Owner Kevin Brislin at 904-928-3568 to conduct a free inspection and provide you with a free estimate to get ready for the storm season.

Above and Beyond is also experienced in hurricane disaster area clean up and offers 24-hour emergency services.

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See what customers are saying about us

Check out the reviews on Above and Beyond on Yahoo Local at

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Look out for property line liabilities

Your trees may be beautiful, but if they fall over on your neighbor’s property they could also be a major liability.

If your dead tree uproots and falls on your neighbor’s property it’s your responsibility because you were negligent in properly maintaining the tree. In the case of a dead tree, the property owner where the trunk is located is responsible for any damage caused whether the tree fell during a storm or not.

On the other hand, if a living tree on your property uproots and falls on your neighbor’s property the part of the tree that crosses the property line is considered theirs. Living trees usually fall during a storm or another natural disaster, but can also fall because of long term damage caused by previous storms or because the soil around it is weakened.

Property owners are responsible for removing a dead tree before it falls onto their neighbor’s property. You can be proactive about dead or dying trees in your own yard, but you cannot force your neighbor to remove a dead tree.

Brown and dry leaves/needles and missing bark are dead tree giveaways.


Signs of a dead tree are that it has lost its foliage and bark.

To protect yourself, you can take photographers from your property to keep as evidence and you can write your neighbor a certified letter detailing your concerns.

If you’re not sure whether or not you or a neighbor have a dead or dying tree call me for a free estimate at 904-928-3568 or email me at

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Class A Drivers Wanted

As the busy season starts to pick up, we need more CDL drivers, especially Class A drivers.

We are looking for experienced drivers. Experience in the tree service industry is a plus, but not necessary. We do provide on the job training.

To be eligible you must provide proof of your license and a criminal and driving background check.

We are a drug free workplace. You will be required to take periodic drug tests.

To apply for a position contact Kevin at 904-928-3568.

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Free Mulch

The old adage that nothing in life is free isn’t always true.

We offer free natural mulch.

We use a chipper to reduce tree limb debris. That creates natural mulch. Natural mulch is different from the mulch you buy at home improvement stores because it is not dyed.

Natural mulch is good for many uses, including filling flower and vegetable beds, to create a soft and better protected ground for playground areas and helps keep the dust down on unfinished driveways.

Mulch is not good for areas that collect a lot of water, however, because it breaks down and turns into mud.

Give me a call at 904-928-3568 if you’d like a free truck load of mulch and I’ll add you to the list to have it delivered when we’re in your area.

Please note, however, that a truck load is about the size of a small vehicle and the truck that delivers the mulch needs a substantial amount of room free from power lines, trees and other structures to back up and dump the mulch.

Delivering free mulch does not include spreading.


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Stump grinding

We can grind stumps as well big or small.Just give us a call to get your free estimate.

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Firewood For Sale

Because we had a very warm winter this year we have a ton of firewood left over.Give us a call for a deal you can’t refuse.We can arrange to deliver the wood with a simple phone call.  Call today 904-928-3568.


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